Dealing with Debt Collectors or Solicitors

January 6th, 2011 by Poonam Khatri


Dealing with Debt Collectors / Solicitors is often considered the worst part of being in debts. Debt Collectors / Solicitors are third parties dealing on accounts on behalf of the creditors for recovery of the outstanding amount.

Debt Collectors / Solicitors like Creditors have full right to contact you over the phone, email and post and can request payments for final settlements against the outstanding debt. They can also start legal proceeding against you, incase you disagree to settle the debt in full or find yourself unable to agree a payment plan, resulting in a charging order, attachment of earning or other similar charges that can gravely affect your finance and your ability to borrow credit in future.

A particular debt is passed to a Debt Collectors / Solicitor incase you are unable to make payments, have defaulted your payment agreement or didn’t respond to the attempts of the creditors seeking contact for payments. 

However, if a debt collectors or a solicitor is seeking contact with you regarding an unsettled debt, its best for you to contact a financial advisor.

Repayment Management Services specialize in dealing with Creditors, Debt Collectors and Solicitors and agree a repayment plan that will allow you to buy more time to settle these debts and find a rhythm in your finance.

If an account is passed to a third party for recovery, it is obvious that the account holder is considered a defaulter and hence is not qualified for any kind of rebate. However, with a reasonable explanation of income and expenditure, a legitimate reason for struggling to pay the said payment and acceptable offer of payment even a Debt Collector or a Solicitor can accept payment offer.

We, at RMS, provide the best debt solution available for any individual based on the affordability and ensure that a simple but effective debt management plan is in place with your creditors.

With RMS, at your side, you would no longer be required to deal with your creditors or need to pay any payments to your creditors. Just sign up for a Repayment Management Plan and let all the worry of your debts lift from your shoulders.

Contact us on 0800 135 7143, for a free assessment of your income and expenditure. Our Advisors will be more than happy to provide a free offer of payment and an array of suggestions best suited for your profile.

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