Debt Management

An informal agreement formed by RMS between you and your creditors to manage your debts. A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is a repayment plan that helps to make unsecured debt repayment affordable. A third party works on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors to reduce down your monthly payments to an affordable level. One gets into debts for certain reason and requirement. Credit Card debt, Store Card debt, Personal Loan debt or even any unfortunate occurrence like loss in family can even leave any individual into problem. Separation or Divorce, or any unforeseen events such as job loss, disability or illness, preventing work are just some of the other situations that could lead people into financial difficulties.

Consolidation Loan

Process of converting many loans to one loan, along with reduced interest rate is termed as debt Consolidation or Consolidation Loan. One lower monthly installment and one loan, reduces burden and is a better solution than going for Bankruptcy. Often people aren’t aware of the fact that going for a consolidation loan is a better option than Bankruptcy. People mostly by the time they realize, they actually enter into a phase of bankruptcy. So before you take any decision search all the available options to avoid any confusion or uncertainty later on.

Often debt consolidation involves many unsecured loans (such as credit card bills) into one payment but with collateral support on it. This is referred as a secured loan. This is not always essential, so do contact RMS to get a look over in your case before taking any big step. By doing so, a lower interest rate is available since there is something of a value assisting it up. If you not being able to pay back what you owe, then the collateral can be seized in order to pay the outstanding amount. All of this can be confusing, so it’s better to contact RMS, a legitimate company and explain your situation. We will talk to you for free of charge and with no obligation and also provide options to what best we can suggest you. And you can later on decide what’s in your favour.


A re-mortgage is paying off one mortgage using the same property as a security but this time with a different creditor. It is not a second mortgage on the property, just a transfer of mortgage balance from one lender to another. Homeowners choose to re mortgage their property for various reasons could be to reduce down the size of the payments, to raise capital, or to consolidate mortgage and existing loans to make it into one i.e. a re-mortgage.

If you are a homeowner and in arrears with your current mortgage payments, household bills or any other debt payments, !! DON'T WORRY WE CAN HELP !! We appreciate that the roof over your head is the main priority for you and your family, !! LET US RESOLVE ALL THESE ISSUES WITHIN 24 HOURS !! We will put your mind at rest by assessing your needs and presenting you with the best available options according to your current circumstances in terms of your mortgage payments and will also offer you a solution that clears your arrears and helps to clear all your monthly bills quickly in the future.

We can assess all the situations and give you excellent options for self employed individuals those less than perfect credit history, as well as offering competitive rates from all the major banks.

Want to see how we can help? Apply for a loan or a re-mortgage now and let us solve tomorrow’s problems for you TODAY.