Lowells debt collectors – Intimidation and Harassment?

lowells debt collectors

If you have had a letter, phone calls, text messages and maybe even a home visit from Lowells debt collectors you could feel threatened and intimidated.

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If you have psychopathic tendencies and enjoy inflicting pain and misery on people that didn’t pay their debts simply because they couldn’t pay you could consider a debt collection career! Just bully people into setting up unrealistic repayment plans!

lowells debt collectors

Another debt collector similar to Lowell is Cabot. Many reports to credit reference agencies and are involved with debt purchase.


Help with Lowells debt collectors – house 9 savannah way

Will Lowell Group give me an Attachment of Earnings Order?
Lowell group debt collection debt solution



Known Lowell financial letter return addresses – Lowell group debt collection

PO box 201 Huddersfield hd8 1ep
PO box 201 Huddersfield hd8 1dy
Ellington House 9 savannah way Leeds
Ellington House 9 savannah way ls10 1ab
160 city road
Leeds valley park
west Yorkshire
ls10 1ab
kemp house
e14 9sr
exchange tower
po box 1411

Have you received a Lowells solicitors letter – do Lowell’s take you to court?

If you have received a letter from PO box 201 Huddersfield hd8 1dy you could consider NOT opening it.  You could simply scribble out your name and write NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS- Return to Sender.  This could suggest to them you don’t live at that address and send them on a wild goose chase looking at various credit file entries, DVLA databases, electoral rolls looking for you at another address – which they likely won’t find.  This could help stop the Lowell pre-legal assessment, Lowell solicitors letter of claim and notice of issue of warrant of control Lowell. It could be very unwise to offer them a direct debit.

Do I ignore a letter of claim Lowell or fake warrant of control?

If you have Lowell portfolio on my credit report or you have letters from them, you could ignore them as long as you can trigger their systems to think you don’t live at the address that you do live it.  This could involve sending back their mail without opening it or if you have a visit from them, get ready to lie to the person that bangs the door.  Maybe put one of your utility bills in a friends name and if they bang the door just show the doorstep collector the bill with your friend’s name on. This could help stop them getting a court order from the county court.

Do Lowell portfolio send bailiffs? Lowells debt collectors tricks.

They can’t send bailiffs no, but a court could.  Many people are searching for do Lowell portfolio send bailiffs.  Lowell solicitors ccj letter can be sent out at quite an early stage. You may not owe money at all. You could consider free debt management for the debt collection agency, who will likely talk to you about your credit rating, a charging order or what a debt collection agency can do to you. A budget calculator including entries about your credit cards, council tax bill, household bills, parking fines

What happens if you ignore a ccj – financial conduct authority help?

What could happen is the court could send bailiffs or you could get an attachment to earnings.  If you get a ccj you should look into ways to go to court and get it set aside.  If you owe the money you could pay it, but make sure you pay it within 30 days.

Can Lowell take me to court – find debt solutions?

YES, they could but they need to think it’s worthwhile for them to do so.  Lowell solicitors limited can be very nasty people and don’t want you to find out how can I stop a warrant of control

Should I pay Lowell financial?

Only if you can afford to pay them. Consider use of a budget calculator.

How can I stop a warrant of control?

You get professional help! You may not owe money. You may not need a repayment plan or payment plan. You may just need debt advice about debt repayments.

Can debt collector agencies find my new address – unpaid bills from utility companies at a previous address?

If you tell anyone your new address like a utility company, the voters roll, your bank, your credit card, your store card.  If you don’t want people to find out your new address never give your name to anyone in relation to that address.  Consider redirecting your mail from your old address to a mailbox so you still receive it.  If you don’t like the look of the return address postcodes you can always peel off the redirection stickers and send the mail back NOT AT THIS ADDRESS.

Who is Lowell portfolio 1 limited – a defaulted debt solution?

They are a company that buy debts for very low prices.  They are part of Lowells debt collectors.


Alan Daly Lowell Portfolio I

debt collection agencies and Lowell financial ltd are usually authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority

Some people complain to the financial ombudsman service about Lowell financial limited, Lowell portfolio I ltd and Lowell financial ltd. All these companies could have a different company number.